Space Virgins Present


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Come ye drunkard fornicators and reveling wantons in your fair, shiny garments of silk, fur and glitter. Come, ye creatures of lascivious dance and wicked dalliance. Come, and tho' ye arrive a sinner, with a leap of faith, ye will leave a saint. Be transformed.

Saturday, July 26th @ 9pm.
a progressive party in three locations

start @ Oliwood Films (910 1/2 E. Pike St.) in Capitol Hill
$10 with costume, $12 without
continue to ...
Fat Kid Art Gallery (1417 10th Ave., Studio A)
Union Art Garage (1418 10th Ave)

A Beyond Belief party brought to you by the Space Virgin Light Continuum, a not for profit Burning Man arts group and theme camp.

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